Internal Damage – Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Combat
December 7, 2016

The Eight Treasures

Chinese Internal Exercises for Health, Vitality and Longevity

A Glenn Hairston Vintage Collection (1988)
Duration: 20 minutes

The Eight Treasures are Chinese internal exercises which when performed correctly serve to strengthen the entire body by stretching the tendons, massaging and stimulating the internal organs, increasing muscle strength and promoting the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the entire human organism.

Diligent practice of the Eight Treasures tones the muscles, quiets the mind and calms the nerves while increasing ones energy and reducing stress.

The Eight Treasures are a gentle but effective form of exercise which is suitable for individuals of all ages. This form of exercise has long been recognized for its therapeutic effects.

As with any form of exercise we strongly suggested that one consults with his or her physician before undertaking this or any other form of exercise.

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Supporting heaven with both hands.
Bending the bow, as though shooting a hawk.
Single handed push up to heaven and down to earth.
Turn the head and look back to prevent illness/injuries.
Sway the head and swing the tail to rid heart-fire.
Bend from the waist and hold the feet with both hands.
Screw the fist with fiery eyes – to increase qi li (muscle).
Keep all diseases away by raising the heels.