Vol. 1 – Informal Tai Chi Series – Tai Chi for the streets
December 7, 2016
The Eight Treasures
December 7, 2016

Internal Damage
Advanced Tai Chi for Combat

Directed by Ben Ramsey
Duration: 57 minutes

This video, a joint collaboration of Ramcity Productions and Specialist Defensive Training Co., shows with astonishing clarity, the effectiveness and combat genius of Tai Chi.

The result is a realistic display of punishing self-defense methods that are not only highly effective but will also deliver deeper insights into just what the art really is.

This dynamic, pulse pounding, training video displays masterful street worthy applications of the Tai Chi system and the hard pumping soundtrack will have you out of your seat training along.

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  • James Lew
    EDGY! STREETWISE! COOL! This thing has flavor to burn! It's abundantly clear that Sifu Hairston knows his stuff!
    James Lew
  • Michael Jai White
    DYNAMIC! This is the real deal! Bridges the gap between an ancient Martial art and 21st century real world street fighting.
    Michael Jai White
  • Atlas 1212 - XANGA.COM
    This is the BEST Tai Chi DVD on the market!
    Atlas 1212 - XANGA.COM
  • Russell Wong
    Insightfully and Masterfully Taught! Sifu Hairston takes what many believe to be a slow meditative and demonstrates with lethal efficiency its true combat nature.
    Russell Wong