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March 6, 2018
Vol. 2 – Informal Tai Chi Series – Tai Chi for the streets
March 2, 2017

Informal Tai Chi Series Volume 3
Tai Chi for the streets

by Glenn Hairston
Duration: 36 minutes

Glenn Hairston creator of the Internal Damage Advanced Taiji Chuan for combat video now brings you the Informal Tai Chi Series. In this unique three part Tai chi training, sifu Hairston thoroughly explains and demonstrates what actually works in a real fighting situation and why.

Whether you’re a beginner, long time Tai Chi Practitioner or train in a totally different style of martial art, Sifu Hairston’s Informal Tai Chi Series will demonstrate Tai Chi’s universal principles and concepts that can effectively be applied by anyone.

Glenn studied and taught Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Okinawa and Vietnamese Martial Arts and guess what? His chosen system for the street is Tai-Chi Chuan.

Each volume provides step by step instruction with Sifu Hairston demonstrating actual street proven Tai Chi applications.

LEARN HOW TO utilize Tai Chi’s Ground Strength, Generate power from the waist and how to utilize Whole Body Energy for explosive techniques.

VOLUME 3 takes you through: Fair Lady works the shuttles, Needle At Sea Bottom, Golden Cock Stands On One Leg, Parting The Wild Horses Mane and Punch Under Elbow.

TOP 3 Reasons to grab these training series...

1. If you are looking to raise the bar in your Tai Chi Training.

2. Glenn will reinvigorate your desire to train.

3. Straight forward, no mysterious explanations.

Watch all 3 volumes now on Vimeo