Are You Prepared For A Real Street Fight?

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February 28, 2017
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March 2, 2017

Hooking out someone’s eye with a finger, biting into and ripping out someone’s throat, fingers being bitten off. You rarely hear about these sorts of things during discussions on fighting.


However in a real fight these are exactly the types of things that occur. Real fighting is no joke. It’s not about styles, size, strength or speed. Real fighting is about knowledge, skill and adaptability.

I’m not talking about the fisticuffs that occur between you and the inconsiderate fellow that cut you off and took your parking spot at the mall or the fight that occurs at the local bar. I’m speaking of a fight with a formidable opponent. This is quite often someone of the criminal element who jacks your car, invades your home or decides to harm you because your job is to guard or protect whatever it is they want. Again, I’m not speaking of the local junkie who’s attempting to take you for five bucks because he is dope sick. I’m talking about the type of person who has made hurting people a way of life and his training is from the streets. He knows what works and what doesn’t because he has been on both sides the giving and receiving end of a real fight, several times. These people are dangerous and they come in various degrees of ability, from dangerous to very dangerous. If you should encounter such a person and you’re not prepared for him then you will be in a world of trouble because the only thing that can save you is to appeal to their compassionate side, good luck with that.


Are you prepared for a real fight?


First of all you need to know what works and what doesn’t in a real fight. It’s not enough to merely hit someone the question is, can you incapacitate them?

The ability to incapacitate an aggressor is what’s needed if you are to survive. Just hitting someone indiscriminately even very hard is not reliable. You must know what works you must know what will stop them. In order to incapacitate someone you must be familiar with the results of your strikes or tactics. When training imagine how a specific strike would affect you. For example receiving an elbow strike to your face might do the trick, but an elbow delivered full force to the throat will definitely put you down and keep you there. Familiarize yourself with basic human anatomy and apply it to your training.

As I mentioned real fighting is about knowledge, skill and adaptability.


Other points to remember are:

● Be familiar with and train using all of your personal weapons, fingers, hands, wrist, forearms, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, head and even teeth.

● Consider all of your vital areas and how to protect them during a fight.

● Think out of the box. Fighting methods have more than one application some more lethal than others make it a priority to know them.

● Adopt a survival mind set and maintain it no matter what happens.

● Forget about what your technique is suppose to look like. Ask yourself does it accomplish the task.

● When training, constantly be on the search for anything that will give you the edge in fighting.

● Don’t be content to be the same fighter you were yesterday.

Keep in mind that when things go bad they go bad quick. You’re either ready or you’re not. Don’t fool yourself about your abilities. Ask yourself the tough questions and train real. Your survival will depend on it.


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