Sifu Glenn Hairston has studied Martial Arts for close to fifty years and Tai Chi Chuan for close to forty.

His professional background includes Federal Law Enforcement, Undercover Narcotics Detective and Executive Protection Specialist. Glenn has also trained the United States Military in combat Tai Chi.

He consults with the film industry and has several DVDs available such as the best selling Internal Damage Advanced Tai Chi for Combat, Tai Chi for health and stress management, The Informal Tai Chi Series and The Eight Treasures ...more

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"Informal Tai-Chi Series" Clip
Tai-Chi for the Streets

Tai Chi Fighting Techniques

If you desire to understand Tai chi fighting application, The Informal Series is a critical instruction.

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"The Eight Treasures"

Internal Damage by Sifu Glenn Hairston

Chinese Internal Exercises for Health, Vitality and Longevity

The Eight Treasures are a series of short ancient exercises demonstrated by young Sifu Hairston to reduce stress, increase energy, strengthen muscles and tendons and tone the nervous system.

Take control of your health now...

Advanced health exercises